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A new initiative from the Medical Association of Uzbekistan

29 ноября 2012. Разместил: Manager
Medical Association of Uzbekistan started to introduce another new form of advanced training of physicians online (Internet)learning. The resource is available on the official website of the Association (here) and is open while in test mode.
A new initiative from the Medical Association of Uzbekistan

Today the country's grading system, which, in effect, oblige them regularly to work on his skills. In addition to passing a mandatory face-to-face courses, they must participate in conferences, self-education through a variety of distance education systems. Distance learning in the Association began developing three years ago. The first sign was provided an opportunity to improve their qualifications through the magazine "Bulletin of the Medical Association of Uzbekistan", which published the texts of lectures and assignments prepared by experts of Tashkent Institute of postgraduate medical education.
Hope that draft online learning take root and will ask for it. With the development of this system we also, as well as studying the history, successfully passed the testing, are planning to watch the passing skills. And while the resource is working in test mode and shows him the test. Based on opinions, interested in promoting this feedback method of learning online program will be further developed.
We are also will cooperation with the BMJ Learning (United Kingdom), this organization is one of the best in the design and implementation of a worldwide online learning system, which has in its base of more than 1000 educational programs, users are 290000 registered users worldwide. First-time online learning as a teaching method, physicians began to develop in the early 1990 's in the United States, and then in several European countries. Today Internet educations developed in 17 countries around the world. From this year, joined and Uzbekistan. Method of Internet educations physicians is yourself, on-line, according to subjects relating to his practice.